Ankur & Limbus


Ankur Productions was established in June 2004, in Glasgow, Scotland and ceased its activities in September 2015. The company was founded by Lalitha Rajan, who lead the organisation from 2004 to 2011 and from 2014 to 2015.

Over the course of its 11 year existence, Ankur established a reputation as an organisation with a commitment to generating diversity in the arts in Scotland.
Its remit was simple and clear – to encourage greater participation in the arts by members of the minority ethnic communities.
Ankur worked on many fronts, developing community-based projects and professional-led productions, across a variety of art forms, with the aim of encouraging and developing local talent, building audiences and providing a bridge between the minority communities and the established professional arts sector.

Ankur’s work has always spanned the ‘community’ and the ‘professional’ and has never sought to privilege one over the other. The context in Scotland is such that it remained extremely important that the artistic work covered the spectrum of amateur, community and professional, and was dealt with equitably.

As Stephen Cleary (film producer) recently stated, ‘…the job of public funding is more about making the ground fertile than choosing which plants should grow.’ This is a principle that governed Ankur from beginning to end.

In order to meet the changing needs and conditions in Glasgow’s minority communities, Ankur made a bid, in 2014, for long term development funding from its principle funder, Creative Scotland. This bid was turned down. And with that a whole legacy of work came to an abrupt end.

This film was the last project undertaken by the company, which led to it becoming a farewell to the diverse communities. It is in effect a love letter to Govanhill and to Glasgow. Many of those involved in the film, both in front of and behind the camera, have been involved with Ankur from the very beginning. Some of the performers who first came to Ankur as children, can now be seen as adults in the film.
As such, GlaswAsian Tales is truly a community film.

The Co-Producer
Limbus Films is a film production company based in London.


Special thanks to the Trustees of Ankur Productions for their extraordinary support and understanding during the development of this film project. Shereen Nanjiani (Chairperson), Rani Dhir, Andy Arnold, Stephanie Knight and Mohit Gajri.

This film would not have been made without the help and support of a number of people across Pollokshields and Govanhill and the producer wishes to thank all of them and the city of Glasgow. Heartfelt thanks to the generosity and openness of all those who contributed to the research.

Particular thanks to Tigerstyle (Raj & Pops) and Gtown Desi (Bobby B)for their music, talent and incredible generosity. And a special personal thank you to Sarmed, Rinku and Sherin Mirza for their care, warmth and hospitality.

Additional Thanks To:
Shawlands Academy, Holyrood Secondary, YCSA, Police Scotland, Bakery 47 (Sam & Anna), Anaya , Awaz FM, Buff Club, Ms Glynis Poole, Ms Maria Kelly, Paul Chall, Samreen Shah, Manjot Sumal, Mohammed Tariq (Grafxmedia), Alex Fthenakis, Ali Malik, Anita Vettesse, Arif Nadeem, Cora Bissett, Deanne Jones, Ghizala Avan, Chris Gayne & Alfie The Dog, Iftekhar Gafar, Kushtabha Butt, Javaid Mohammed, Marcus Roche, Mariem Omari, Meray Diner, Neil Leiper, Neil Packham, Raisah Ahmed, Residents Of Kenmure Street, Rinku Mirza, Scott Reid, Sgt. Cenny Smith (Police Scotland), Sharita Scott, Shoket Aksi, Susheel Kumar, Shehzad Afzal, Tawona Sithole, Sukhpal Chana, Umar Ansari, BN Associates Accountants, Progressive Broadcast, Visual Impact, African Caribbean Centre, United Wholesale (Polmadie Branch), Duck Bay Hotel, Milk Café And Victoria Newsagents.